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The world of academia: culture & education
Мир университетской науки: культура, образование



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Subscription Information

The journal comes out 10 times a year. Subscription is available to all regular issues of the Journal.

Subscription to the print copy of the Journal is available in the editorial office.

Subscription to the electronic version of the Journal is also available in the office (price for a year - 200 rbl., half a year - 100 rbl.). Electronic copy in PDF format is sent by e-mail.

The payment is through bank transfer. Fill in the following bank forms.

The journal archive in print and electronic form can be purchased in the editorial office.

If you have any questions concerning contributing papers or subscription do not hesitate to contact the secretary in charge, Natalia Sokhiyeva. Contact details: +7 (988) 549-58-98, e-mail: n2404708@yandex.ru

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