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10/10/2014 №10

Малякова Наталия Сергеевна


Anthropological tendency in education defines the ways modern national school develops. This trend demands working out the concepts which will reveal inner characteristics of personality as the main participant of education. The author feels sure that stating the problems of developing human capital both in methodological and in substantial aspects is absolutely necessary. Pedagogically-anthropological approach will enable to define the relevant conceptual framework, principles, theoretical provisions, research methods and ways of specifying features of development of the humanities in the context of paradigmatic shifts that are caused by modern sociocultural situation. This approach is considered as concrete scientific methodology which characteristics are revealed in line with general scientific approaches: axiological, interdisciplinary and system. The author considers anthropological aspects of the theory of education, historical and pedagogical researches as prerequisites for defi

Key words

educational concept, human capital, axiological approach, interdisciplinary approach, system approach, concrete scientific approach, pedagogically-anthropological approach.


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